Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

Turkish Airlines is recognized as an ideal airline for pets with its well-established framework on how to carry service animals and pets in the cabin or hold. It defines the crucial safety aspects, the safety guidelines, limitations, and other rules related to food, carrier, and health obligations to be followed.

Read the guidelines for Turkish airline pet policy given below for a better understanding and abide by the latest provisions.

What are the Main Guidelines of Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Policy?

Initiating an air journey with your pet can seem to be a rather complex process. To ease it to the possible extent, the Turkish Airlines pet carrier policy lays down certain guidelines.

turkish airlines pet policy
  • To carry your pet, you must get approval at least 6 hours before the time of departure.
  • There is a capacity on the total number of live animals permitted on the aircraft based on the aircraft type and size.
  • Passengers can carry a maximum of 2 cages for their pets to be carried on the aircraft via cargo hold.
  • In the cabin, passengers can carry 1 pet, while the additional cage is considered AVIH (Animal in Hold), or both can be considered AVIH in the cabin.
  • Keep note that you can carry only 1 cage per passenger on flights from Moldova and Ukraine to the USA.
  • The pet containers and cage must be labeled with the passenger’s name, address, surname, type, name of the pet, contact number, and number of pets.
  • Passengers must head to the check-in counters to complete Turkish airlines pet travel policy formalities.
  • Birds and cats or cats and dogs are not allowed on the same airline, irrespective of being separated by the cabins.
  • Birds and dogs can be permitted on the same airline in different cabins or the same cabin separated by maximum distance allowed.
  • Pets must be clean, calm, and odorless. Pets in poor health and significant odor are not accepted for transportation.
  • Pet travel/transportation is not covered within the bags allowance and additional Turkish airline baggage charges may be charged.
  • It is the responsibility of the travelers to abide by the health, animal management, and safety conditions of the pets.
  • Travelers must also follow the conditions, entry and exit permits, and health certificates mandated by the countries, and follow the restrictions for regions, states, and other authorities. 
  • Puppies and/ or kittens between 10 to 12 weeks of age can be transported on the flight after approval from a veterinarian.
  • Puppies, kittens, and pregnant animals, nursing animals, under 10 weeks old are not permitted on the aircraft.
  • Pets must be vaccinated up to 30 days before the travel and a year before the scheduled flight departure. The vaccination details must be mentioned on the Vaccination card.

What are the guidelines for Turkish Pet Cages?

Here are the essential things to keep in mind regarding cages for your pets –

  • Hard cases are preferable and recommended for pets abiding by the specified weight and size dimensions.
  • Soft cases are not allowed as cages for pet travel in the cabin. The cages must be hard case cages or specially designed soft cases/ bags.
  • The airline also permits travelers to carry specially designed hard or soft side cases/ bags, in materials other than plastic.
  • The lids and zippers on the cages and bags must be closed throughout the flight.
  • The bags and cages must have a diameter of up to 2.5 cm on at least 3 three sides of the cages with ventilation holes for appropriate air circulation.
  • Limitations as per Turkish Airlines pet in cabin size include –
    • The weight of the pet must exceed 8 kg including the cage
    • The cage dimensions must not exceed 40 cm in length, 30 cm in width, and 23 cm in height.

When are pets permitted on flights if some passengers are allergic to animals?

Turkish Airlines ensure that passengers who have submitted a medical report stating their allergies to animals can travel comfortably and still allow pets in the cabin under the following conditions –

  • The airline will give priority to the booking reserved first in the case where both the passenger with an allergy and a passenger with a pet travel request have requested travel at the same time.
  • Passengers with assistance dogs are prioritized over passengers with allergy statements while traveling on the same flight to the USA following the US Transportation rules and guidelines.
  • The order of booking reservation is considered for passengers with allergy statements and those with pet requests, for cases other than USA flights and rescue and search dogs booking.

What is the pet policy for Turkish Airlines pet in cabin?

Keep the following details into account regarding Turkish pets in the cabin –

turkish airlines pet in cabin policy
  • Allowed pets – Small singing birds like Canaries and Parakeets, dogs, and cats can be transported in the cabin.
  • The pets traveling in the cabin must be kept in a carrier that fits under the passenger’s seat in front.
  • Only Turkish airlines seats located by the window (Except those with infant stroller equipment and Emergency exit doors) are allowed for pets in the cabin to avoid Emergency evaluation.
  • The cages must be large enough to accommodate the pet size comfortably and allow space to stand, turn around, lie down, etc.
  • The cages must include a lateral locking mechanism and be watertight.
  • Connect with the airline for details regarding Turkish airlines pet in cabin fee.

What are the exceptions to Turkish Airlines pet in cabin policy?

Following passengers are not allowed in the cabin –

  • Pigeons and parrots except those on the CITES list must only be transported in the Aircraft cargo hold.
  • Small bird species other than Parakeet and Canaries are not allowed in the cabin.
  • Cats with respiratory problems mentioned below cannot be transported in the cabin –
HimalayanScottish Fold
British ShorthairBurmese
  • Following dogs are allowed in the cabin with the passengers (PETC) with crate size not exceeding 8 kg and the measure of the cabin not exceeding beyond 40 cm in length, 30 cm in width, and 23 cm in height –
Shih TzuAffenpinscher, Pekinese
Pug (All breeds)Shar Pei
English Toy SpanielLhasa Apso
Bull Mastiff (English Mastiff)Boxer
Brussels GriffonJapanese Chin
English BulldogChow Chow
Boston TerrierFrench Bulldog
Tibetan Spaniel 

What is the Service Animals Pet Policy Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines allow service dogs to assist passengers with disabilities like mental, intellectual, sensory, or physical disabilities. Add to that –

  • Only dogs are allowed as service animals.
  • Service dogs are accepted to/ from the USA from/ to Istanbul abiding by the US DoT regulations.
  • Passengers with service dog requests must connect with the airline up to 48 hours before the flight departure.
  • For additional documentation and requirements for passengers traveling with SVAN, refer to the official website.
  • Seeing Eye dogs, Medical Alert Dogs, and Hearing Dogs in SVAN to accompany the passengers free of charge in cabin locations.
  • Search and Rescue dogs can be transported in cargo without charges for disasters and emergencies following AVIH rules.
  • Psychiatric service dogs may fly for no additional charges on flights between the United States and Istanbul.
  • SVAN dogs must be certified, trained, clean, have identifying harnesses, or wear a vest.
  • The service animals must present a training certificate, pet passport- identification card, vaccination card, etc., and abide by other document requirements of the destination country.
  • SVAN dogs are not allowed in the cabin in cases of not well-maintained animals, aggressive behavior during check in and boarding, crates exceeding defined sizes, issue of safety hazards, etc.

NOTE – Head to the Turkish website for more details regarding service animals, special document requirements for US travel, and limitations.

What are the guidelines for Turkish airline pets in Aircraft Hold?

Turkish Airlines allow passengers in the Cargo hold if they follow the given conditions –

Turkish airline pets in Aircraft Policy
  • If the crate exceeds 8 kg in weight, the pet weighs over 8 kg with the cage, cage dimensions exceed 75 cm in height, 125 cm in length, and 75 cm in width, the pets are transported via Aircraft hold.
  • If the crate dimensions further exceed the given dimensions, the animals are transported via Turkish Cargo.
  • Only hard case cages are allowed in the Cargo with comfortable space to stand on foot, sit, lay down, turn around, etc.
  • For flights over 8 hours or waiting times of more than 4 hours or more, it is recommended to provide informative instructions for food and drinks attached to the crate for airline staff.
  • The decision to carry the pets in the Aircraft holds lies with the pilots and if the ventilation conditions are not appropriate for animals, transportation is not permitted.
  • Cats and dogs not allowed in the cabin can be transported in the Aircraft hold.
  • Dangerous dog breeds mentioned below can only be transported by Turkish airlines pet policy cargo –
Doberman (Pinscher Doberman and other breeds)American Bulldog
RottweilerCaucasian Ovcharka
Bandog Tosa InuPresa Canario
Boerboel breedsCrossbreeds
Anatolian ShepherdDogue de Bordeaux
Mastiff (except Bull Mastiff)Wolf Dog Mixed-Breeds

NOTE – Refer to the official website for more details on Turkish Aircraft hold and Air Cargo.

What are the guidelines for Turkish pets sharing crates?

Turkish Airlines may allow the same species of pets together in the same crate following the given guidelines –

  • Two cats, two birds, or two dogs who are familiar with each other can travel in the same crate, not going beyond the 8 kg limit.
  • Maximum of three puppies or kittens between 10 to 24 weeks of age can be transported in a single crate in the hold.
  • Each dog must have a maximum of 14 kg weight and each cat must have a maximum of 10 kg to be traveled in a crate in the hold.
  • If animals weigh beyond 14 kgs for dogs and 10 kgs for cats, they should be carried in Aircraft hold.

NOTE – The airline holds no responsibility for health issues during and after the flight faced by your pet.

Does Turkish hold guidelines for Pets with Special Conditions?

Pets with special conditions must have the required documentation specified by the destination country. Failure to do so, the airline may not be able to carry the pet through the flight. Also –

  • Vaccination card, valid pet passport- identity card, and other documentation, etc. must be provided by passengers.
  • For Turkiye indigenous species and those under protection like Angora cats, Van cats, and Sivas Kangal, transportation is allowed to/ from Turkiye if permission is granted by the RT Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • The documents must be submitted up to 48 hours before the flight via email to usaops@thy.com and ictoccyhm@tgs.aero.
  • If you are traveling from a high-risk country to the USA, CDC Dog Import Permit is necessary. In the absence of it, the dog can re-enter the USA if the dog has-
    • Has a valid US-issued rabies vaccination report or certificate
    • Is a minimum of 6 months of age
    • Has microchip proof
    • Is healthy and calm upon arrival at the US airport
    • Arrives at the approved terminal of Entry
  • Following species are not allowed to travel via Airline due to Turkish airlines international pet policy –
American Staffordshire TerrierDogo Argentino
Staffordshire Bull TerrierBull Terrier
Pitbull TerrierAmerican Pitbull Terrier
Japanese TosaFila Brasileiro
American Bully 

NOTE – You can refer to the website for the Turkish Cargo section to understand the names of the dangerous dog breeds that can be carried via Cargo.

What are the Documents for the Turkish Pet policy?

In accordance with the Turkish Airlines pet policy, to take along a service pet, please bring the following:

  • Certificate of training
  • Vaccination certificate, especially for rabies
  • ID card
  • Health certificate issued within 10 days before the flight departure
  • Additional documents needed by destinations countries, particularly for international trips

NOTE – Connect with the airline for specific document requirements for pet travel.

How to request a Pet booking reservation with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish airlines allow passengers to request a Pet policy by abiding by the guidelines. You can request a Pet carriage via the Turkish official website or at the airport.

Here are the ways to request timely pet carriage booking –

How to add Turkish Pet Carriage to the Booking via Official Website?

You can use the Turkish airline official website to request a pet carriage at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Follow these steps –

Turkish Pet Carriage to the Booking
The authorized website of Turkish Airlines is the source of this screenshot.
  • Submit the details by choosing the “Manage Booking/ Check in” button.
  • Choose the desired flights, opt for “Edit Bookings” and submit a request for “Add or choose a pet”.
  • You can add the departure and arrival airport, details for the crate dimensions, pet breed, name, etc.
  • Upload the necessary pet details and documents.
  • Verify and submit the details. The airline will issue the pet reservation and submit the final reservation details in the profile and via email.

How to request the Turkish airlines pet travel via Airport Ticket Counter?

Reach the airport within the specified time frame to have enough time to book the pet reservation-

  • Head to the airport ticket counter and request “Pet booking”.
  • Provide the flight details, the ticket confirmation code, the booking reservation code, and the last name.
  • Enter the pet details like the breed, size, weight, crate dimensions, etc., and submit the necessary documents.
  • The agent of this carrier will go over the submitted documents.
  • Upon their verification and compliance, your pet’s submission will be complete.
  • You can start with your own belongings submission and check-in processes.

How to connect with Turkish airlines over the phone for Queries?

You can connect with the airline for queries like Turkish airline flight change, pets policy, etc.  as follows – 

  • Head to the official website. Choose “Help” from the main menu and head to “Get in touch” from the help center. 
  • Scroll down the page to the section “Call centers”. 
  • Some of the popular destinations and the corresponding contact numbers are listed below – 
Location Contact Number 
Algeria +908503330849
Argentina +54 (011) 3991 5950
Australia +61 1 800750849
Canada +1 800 874 88 75
China +861056971330
Denmark +45 33 14 40 55
Brazil +55 11 3878 8199
France +33 1 579 79 849
India 0008000501565 (Only for India)
Netherlands +31 (0) 20 4059636
Singapore +90 850 333 0 849
United Arab Emirates +971 8000 3570 43 43
United Kingdom +44 0203 991 1993/ +44 0844 800 66 66 
United States +1-800-874 8875

NOTE – Head to the official website for contact details of other locations.

How to connect with Turkish Airlines over Social Media?

Turkish Airlines ensures that passengers can connect with the airline for a variety of issues and concerns like Turkish Airlines flight cancellation, fare type modification, upgradation, etc. You can connect via Youtube, Tiktok, Blogs, Facebook, etc.

Here are the popular social media handles where you can find Turkish Airlines for pet policy and other doubts –

Social Media PortalsSocial Media Profile Link
LinkedIn  https://tr.linkedin.com/company/turkish-airlines

NOTE – You can head to Turkish airline blogs for tutorials, news updates and releases, and the latest changes.

What is the Turkish Airlines Pet Fee?

Turkish Airlines do not specify specific travel fees for pets. Thus, it is recommended to follow the below-mentioned steps to access Traveling with Pet Fee –

  • Visit Turkish Airlines official website.
  • On the main menu, you will find the option “Plan and Book”.
  • Under the heading “Prepare Your Trip”, opt for “Traveling with pets”.
Turkish Airlines Pet Fee
From the main website of Turkish Airlines, this screenshot is taken.
  • Scroll down the page and select “Calculate” to head to the Pet transportation fee calculator.
turkish airlines pet travel cost calculator
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Enter the departure and arrival airport, dates, and type of animal – Dog, Bird, or Cat.
  • Enter the crate dimensions with the height, length, and width dimensions, and provide the pet weight in kg and the breed.
turkish airline pet travel cost
The screenshot is sourced from the official Turkish Airlines website.
  • Select “Show the Fee” to find out the Pet travel fee.

NOTE – You can also contact the airline for more details regarding the Pet travel fee.

Turkish Airlines pet policy is a perfect amalgamation of safety guides for pets while safeguarding the interests of passengers with medical concerns and those with allergies.

Refer to the exhaustive pet policy to consider the rules, guidelines, limitations, etc. regarding pets in the cabin and pets in hold. It allows Turkish Airlines to promise a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for passengers with pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Turkish Airlines allow pets on the plane?

Yes, Turkish airlines permit pets like dogs and cats on the aircraft as a cargo hold, in the cabin, or in excess baggage.

How do I add my dog to my flight Turkish Airlines?

You can visit the official website, choose Manage booking, edit the flight details, and add pet details like breed, size, etc. to add the pet to the booking.

Are dogs allowed in business class on Turkish Airlines?

You may carry your dog in the cabin if it abides by the Turkish pet policy. You can carry the pet as per Turkish Airlines pet policy business class, if applicable for the flight.

Do Turkish Airlines allow pets in cabin?

Yes, pets like cats, dogs, and small singing birds like Parakeet are allowed by the airline in the pet cabin.

Do Turkish Airlines accept pets?

Yes, Turkish Airlines accept pets like dogs, cats, and birds in the cabin or aircraft hold based on the crate dimensions and destination airport guidelines.

Does Turkish Airlines allow pets in business class?

It depends on the flight. Thus, it is recommended to contact the airline for details regarding your flights.

Do Turkish Airlines allow cats in cabin?

Yes, cats are allowed in the cabin. However, birds and cats are not permitted on the same airline even if they are in the cabin.

Can I carry pet food in the carry-on baggage?

Turkish Airlines allows dry pet food in carry-on baggage. Make sure to carry food in a sealed container and ensure it does not emit odor.

What should I do if the pet does not meet cabin guidelines?

If the crate dimensions exceed 23x30x40 cm or over 8 kg in weight, the pets can be carried in the aircraft hold.

Which pets are not allowed on Turkish Airlines flights?

Dangerous dog breeds like Pitbull Terrier, Fila Brasileiro dogs, American Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, American Staffordshire Terrier, etc. are not allowed as per international aviation rules.

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Steve Luettgen
Steve Luettgen
1 year ago

Can Jack Russell terriers fly with me in the cabin on a Turkish flight? Our JRT is 20 pounds and according to her size, she can easily squeeze into a soft foldable pet carrier that fits under the plane seat but there can be a minor difference in the size given under Turkish Airlines Pet Carrier Size guidelines. Will it be acceptable?

james mrtin
james mrtin
1 year ago

My sister is obsessed with her emotional support golden retriever. Our dog is a bit over 1 year old. She goes into a panic attack without his company. Does Turkish Airlines pet in Cabin policy allow emotional support animals? And how much will be the charges for a 4 hour long domestic flight?

Mamuka Nika
Mamuka Nika
1 year ago

Turkish Airlines flying with pets facility is amazing. I have a friend who is blind. He works at a call station and is recently transferred to another office across the cities, from Boston to Chicago. He has an 8 months old German Shephard who is trained to guide and assist him whom he traveled with. The airline staff’s co-operation and kindness were remarkable.

Clifford Hines
Clifford Hines
1 year ago

I want to go to the Canary Islands in Spain for a long vacation with my two Ragamuffin kittens. It is a long haul probably like 9 hours or so with Turkish. What is the Turkish Airlines pet travel fee for like 1 carrier since they both can easily fit in one and have enough room for movement? I want to take them in the cabin with me.