Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

If you need guidance and assistance from the airline regarding name change issues, Turkish Airlines name change policy is ideal for passengers who have made mistakes while entering their name on the profile. It allows the passengers to correct their name, correct minor typing errors, and change in surname due to legal instances like marriage, divorce, etc.

Here is an elaborative guide to making the required name changes if you have made mistakes.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Turkish Name Change Policy?

Turkish Airlines name change policy allows passengers to request name correction or changes after they book the reservation. Here are the key guidelines of the Turkish name change policy to guide the passengers.

  • All the airlines operated and handled by Turkish Airlines allow passengers to request name change.
  • Make sure to present adequate information like the first name, Turkish Airlines middle name, and last name same as the government-issued documents to request a change or correction.
  • The name change is applicable for a name change fee and the fare differences may apply under certain circumstances.
  • The tickets are non-transferable. It means that the passengers are not permitted to swap or gift the ticket to someone else in any case.
  • Turkish Airlines name correction policy allows for a one-time edit of a person’s name in case of marriage, divorce, or booking error.
  • The name change policy caters to the requests of individual booking/reservations. For group booking, contact the airlines for the conditions of the group contract.
  • The Turkish airlines name change or correction policy covers name change requests for all fare types.
  • To avoid paying a service fee, customers can alter their names over the next 24 hours of booking the reservation.
  • The carrier will only allow you to change the name once per person.
  • Turkish Airlines name correction policy is also permitted after divorce or marriage.
  • It is important to remember that after you have checked in, you cannot change your name.
  • No more than 4 characters can be changed in this policy.
  • Passengers who have bought tickets using Miles & Smiles Membership must connect with the airline via the feedback form for assistance.
  • The tickets that start from “TK” in the boarding pass imply that the booking reservations are liable under the name change policy.

What Type of Name Change/ Correction requests are allowed with Turkish Airlines?

Keep in mind that not all changes are undertaken by the airline. The Turkish Airlines name correction policy for travel agents allows passengers to name the necessary alterations and changes if they meet the conditions given below:

Passengers can change their name on the flight ticket if there are changes after adoption, marriage, or divorce. Add to that –

  • Produce the attested copies of official government documents and other legal prerequisites to issue the request.
  • The passengers may have to cancel their itinerary and book a new booking with the correct credentials, if applicable.
  • Marriage – In the case of Turkish Airlines name change marriage, make sure to provide adequate marriage proof like the marriage certificate and present the previous and new government ID proofs to claim the changes.
  • Divorce – Make sure you present the divorce legal proof and the government ID proof to request name changes due to a divorce.

Guidelines for Misspelled Names

You can also request that Turkish Airlines correct passenger name requests by seeking corrections when you misspell your name. Follow the guidelines given below:

  • You can correct up to a total of 4 characters in the first name, middle name, or last name.
  • The Turkish airlines misspelled name correction may include inverted names and nickname correction.
  • The passengers may have to rebook the booking reservation in the same service class or lower service class, subject to availability.
  • Prefix/ suffix/ and titles are not included in the airline name change.
  • Make sure to submit government ID proof to support the request. 

How to Request Name Change on Turkish Airlines Booking Reservation?

Passengers who wish to apply for a Turkish Airlines name change on ticket or correction requests can use the online and offline support methods offered by Turkish Airlines and make the desired changes.

Here are the key methods described as follows –

How to request a name change via the Turkish Airlines website?

The airlines allow passengers to request to change names on Turkish airline tickets via the website in the Turkish airline Manage Booking section. Follow the steps given below –

  • Go to “www.turkishairlines.com”.
  • Select “Check-in/Manage Booking”, and enter the “ticket number” or the “Reservation code” and the “surname” or the traveler.
  • Submit the details. You will be directed to the available booked flights.
  • Passengers must choose the “Change option” mentioned on the portal to issue a Turkish Airlines name change request.
  • Passengers can modify up to four characters of the first, middle, or last name.
  • To continue, correct the misspelled/incorrect name on the ticket.
  • Then click “Save”.
  • Turkish Airlines process the request.
  • Once the details are confirmed and the changes are approved, the airline sends a confirmation over email.

How to contact the airline over the phone for a name change request?

Travelers can contact the airline over the phone to request the necessary Turkish airlines change name on flight assistance. It allows quick redressal of the concern. Add to that –

  • Click on the “Help” button from the main menu and choose “Help Center”.
  • Once, you click on the “Contact us” button, you will find options like “feedback form” and “Contact” via phone number.
  • It is recommended to keep the “booking reference number” and the “E-ticket number” handy to provide valuable information to the executives during conversations.
  • Passengers can connect with the call executive for a name change or correction requests.
  • Make sure to present the required legal documents and government ID proof to request the change.
  • Follow the instructions given by them and pay the necessary Turkish Airlines change name on ticket fee, if applicable.
  • The contact details from some destinations to the Turkish Airline City Office/ Airport sales office are discussed below –



Contact Detail



+1 416 260 4880


+1 800 874 8875



 +53 7 838 2816



+353 1 525 18 49 / +353 1 844 79 20

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Office Tel: 00971 2 5755611

United States

New York


Washington D.C.

+1 800 874 8875

How to contact Turkish Airlines over Social media platforms for queries and feedback?

You can contact the airline on the popular social media platforms they are active on to address crucial details and ask queries for a name change, Turkish airlines flight change, name correction, pet policy, etc.

You can contact the airline on the following social media platforms or check the airline blog for solutions –

Social Media PlatformProfile URL/ Link

What are the Name Change Guidelines For Miles and Smiles Membership?

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles membership allows passengers to change names conveniently. To request Turkish Airlines miles and smiles name change Membership, follow these steps –

  • Click “Help” from the main menu and choose “Help Center”.
  • Choose the option “Contact us” and select “Feedback form”.
  • Choose the option “Miles & Smiles” and sign in using the “Membership number” and “password”.
  • Once you log in, choose the name change request and enter the new name, and other corrections applied to the first, middle, or last name.
  • Fill in the form and supplement it with the attested copies of government ID proof and other official documents.
  • If there is more than one passenger on the Miles and Smiles booking, choose the passenger details that require alteration.
  • The Secure Flight Turkish Airlines change passenger name Details must be entered into the reservation system and the passengers must ensure that the name must match the name on the photo ID verified by the government.

What is the Turkish airline Name Change fee?

Turkish Airlines charges a one-way directional name change fee if the passengers apply for a name change. Keep the documents handy for quick service. In addition to that –

  • In some cases, the Turkish Airlines name change fee is up to 300 USD for a name change.
  • The applicable name change fee is applicable to passengers irrespective of the fare type, service class, class cabin, additional facilities, destination, etc.
  • The passengers must pay the applicable fare differences for the itinerary.
  • The overall Turkish name change fee (Including the service fee, and fare differences) may differ depending on the fare type, destination, service class, and route of the location.

NOTE: It is advisable to contact the airline for an updated name change fee and other associated charges.

Turkish Airlines is a passenger-friendly airline that fosters a convenient and stress-free travel experience.  Turkish Airlines name correction policy is an excellent policy carefully developed to include all the necessary aspects for passengers.  You can also check the Turkish airline flight change policy to make necessary changes to the flight date and day of the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the name on a plane ticket turkish airlines?

Yes, Turkish airlines allow passengers to make the necessary name change requests for domestic, and international flights, and those booked via Miles&Smiles points.

How can I alter the name on a Turkish Airlines ticket?

You can contact the airline online on the website, over the phone, or contact the airport counter if you have booked the ticket offline for a name change.

How much is the Turkish Airlines name change fee?

Turkish Airlines allow free name change within 24 hours of booking a reservation, otherwise, the name change fee may exceed 300 USD.

What is the Turkish Airlines name change policy?

Passengers can change their names or apply corrections on the misspelled names with the Turkish airline name change policy. 

How do you fix incorrect names on Turkish Airlines tickets?

Visit the official website, click on the “Manage Booking” option, select the flights, choose name change, and make the required changes.

Can I request a name change in case of divorce?

Yes, you can request a name change in case of divorce if you present the required government-issued documents like the Divorce agreement.

Do Turkish Airlines permit name corrections/ changes due to marriage?

If your name has changed post-marriage, present the correct marriage certificate and other crucial documents to request a name change on the flight.

How to change name on Turkish Airlines if I have purchased the ticket with the Miles&Smiles membership?

You must fill in the feedback form available on the Turkish Airlines Help Center page and provide the necessary documents to support the claim.

What type of corrections are permitted by Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines permit legal name changes for divorce, adoption, and marriage, and misspelled name changes up to four characters.

Can I offer my Turkish Airlines ticket to another passenger if it has the wrong name?

No, the Turkish airline does not permit that as the ticket is non-transferable. Non-compliance may lead to rejection or penalty at check-in.

Does Turkish Airlines allow name correction?

Turkish Airlines allow name corrections of up to 4 characters in the name and also corrections for inverted names and nicknames.

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Andrew Rosenbalm
Andrew Rosenbalm
1 year ago

I booked a flight tickets from Turkish Airlines but i forget that i am married now and my name details are same as usual when i was unmarried girl and there is should be my husband name in the place of my father name. Please Share me the process that “How to change name on Turkish Airlines Flight Tickets”?

Larry G. Leake
Larry G. Leake
1 year ago

I was in a hurry; I booked a Flight Ticket from Turkish Airlines. Due to a hurry, I was trapped with a name mistake in my ticket. I concerned with the Airlines Customer Care Executive; they told me that you cannot fly with this name mistake on your pre-booked Flight Tickets. Please tell me that “How Do I change my Name on Flight Tickets.

Anne Donnelly
Anne Donnelly
1 year ago

I was in a hurry, so I booked my flights from Turkish Airlines. Due to a hurry I was trapped with a name mistake in my name .I concerned with the Airlines Customer Care Executive, they told me that you cannot fly with this name mistake on Your pre-booked Flight Tickets. Please tell me that “How Do i change my name on Flight Tickets.

Catherine Felton
Catherine Felton
1 year ago

I and my friends made a trip plan and we decided to book a Flight through Turkish Airlines and mistakenly I entered the wrong spelling of my surname. I will feel very guilty if, I will not be able to go with them on the trip. Please let me know “How to change the wrong spelling of the name in Flight Tickets”.

Veluri Navya
Veluri Navya
1 year ago

Any update ? Did the name got corrected and did they allow you to travel

Nichole Reider
Nichole Reider
1 year ago

My name was misspelled on the airline ticket. I called the contact center immediately. They listened to my concerns. But, there was no opportunity to change name on my Turkish Airlines ticket. This was really inconvenient, and I was unable to make modifications.