Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

Being the national flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines has been quite helpful when it comes to serving passengers with great amenities. However, there may be instances where your plans get ruined because of flight delays.

When these circumstances take place, Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation is always offered to the flyers who suffered a postponement in their travel. For claiming your flight delay compensation, there are some regulations that are needed to be obeyed by the operator as well as the passengers.

Apart from flight delay, this carrier also provides its visitors with a baggage delay reimbursement if it gets lost, delayed, or damaged at the airport.

When it comes to filing for compensation for the postponement of your flight, you as well as the airline need to comply with certain regulations. Generally, these regulations work in accordance with European laws.

Turkish Airlines does not operate in Europe, but when they do, they adhere to European aviation laws. This is fantastic news for any traveler who has had a flight canceled because it may qualify them for a substantial Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation claim when a last-minute European departure is canceled.

Other regulations while claiming a reimbursement for your delayed flight at Turkish are as mentioned below:

  • When any flyer cancels his or her flight on the delay, the airline, Turkish, will offer an alternate flight to the same destination.
  • You can also obtain a complete refund when you do not want to fly because of the flight delay.
  • Additionally, in case your flight was canceled prior to 14 days to your departure from a European airport, you might receive compensation from the air provider.
  • If this airline provides you with an alternative flight to your exact previous destination, it will not offer you any compensation as per the Turkish Airlines delayed flight policy.
  • If there were special circumstances that necessitated the postponement, the Turkish air operator will also be excluded from paying compensation. Anything out of the airline’s control, such as inclement weather, a medical problem, or a disruptive incident that affects the airport, falls under this category.
  • The simplest way to determine whether you are entitled to Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation because of all these exclusions is to go to the airline’s official website.

When are you Eligible to Receive Turkish Airlines Delay Compensation?

Most of the time, some airlines may or may not provide delay compensation. There are some eligibility criteria set to provide the Turkish Airlines delay compensation. You need to check with the airline whether it meets the following criteria in order to file for a compensation claim.

First and foremost, for filing a compensation claim, the confirmation of the flight reservation with Turkish should be checked by the passenger. Other eligibility regulations for receiving a reimbursement from this carrier are as follows:

  • You should reach the airport premises at least an hour before your departure time.
  • You can also be compensated when you reach the final destination more than 3 hours later than expected.
  • You may obtain a Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation when you took a different flight and landed far later than the initial flight was scheduled at your ultimate destination.
  • Fewer than 14 days prior to takeoff, the airline notified you of the delayed flight.
  • To obtain a refund from this carrier, you should either depart from a European airport or arrive at it.
  • When your check-in time at the airport was 45 minutes before the departure, you may be entitled to receive compensation according to the Turkish Airlines flight delay policy.

You may not be eligible for compensation when the delay has been caused at your end. This may include the failure to provide your correct details. Should your personal information also be incorrect, then you may be denied boarding and this may cause flight delay for others. To avoid such situations, it is helpful to exercise change name on flight ticket turkish airlines procedures. Then the delays can be prevented. 

Turkish Airlines Delayed Baggage Reimbursement

Sometimes it may happen that your baggage gets delayed on the premises of the airport or check-in desk. Turkish Airlines understands the situation of the flyers when their luggage gets lost or delayed by it.

This carrier will always notify you about your Turkish Airlines baggage delay and will help you in every possible way to find your bags Once they find your baggage, they will deliver you as soon as possible.

However, till your baggage reaches, you can track your bags using the website of the air provider. 

The steps to know how to track your bags as per the Turkish Airlines delayed baggage policy are as follows:

  • On your phone or any search device, please open the official site of Turkish Airlines.
  • Then, you should go to the track baggage option that can be seen on their menu tab.
  • You will be redirected to the tracking page of the website, where you can claim your Turkish Airlines delayed baggage compensation amount. Here, you need to enter your surname along with the booking reference number.
  • Hit on the check tab to see your lost or delayed baggage details.
  • Thus, now you can track your bags and file for your Turkish Airlines delayed baggage compensation.
  • The amount given for delayed baggage should be enquired by contacting the airline.

Turkish Airlines Compensation for Delayed Baggage

Whenever your bag gets delayed by the operator, the first thing you need to do is reach the nearest air counter of Turkish Airlines. You need to fill out the Turkish Airlines delay compensation form for lost, damaged, or postponed baggage.

There are many different options for requesting your delayed baggage. You can either call, email, or visit the official site of the air company. Besides these methods, you may also head to the baggage reclaim desk at the airport. You need to provide all the basic details to the air staff regarding your misplaced or delayed luggage. 

Note: The carrier will not provide Turkish Airlines delayed baggage compensation when your bags are theft at the airport. However, this carrier may give a reimbursement when it damages the luggage, whether minor or bigger ones and pay the due charges to the flyer.

How to Claim for Turkish Airlines Baggage Delay Compensation?

You may also lodge a complaint in case your baggage gets delayed or lost by the airline. Apart from calling the airline, you can also report your missing luggage case by visiting the main website of Turkish Airlines. 

The detailed step-by-step procedure to file a complaint to get the Turkish Airlines delayed baggage reimbursement is as follows:
  • You can either open the mobile application of Turkish Airlines or visit the carrier’s main website.
  • Next, please find the “Contact Us” feature on the right top corner of the page.
  • Open the application form for registering your complaint about Turkish delayed baggage.
  • Once the page gets loaded, you will be required to fill in some essential information like passenger name, contact details, registered email address, etc.
  • Further, to move the reimbursement process ahead, kindly fill in other details like your flight date and timings.
  • Submit these details to the airline and then you will be redirected to a new page. Here, you will have to give your luggage details.
  • Type in your baggage delay complaint and send it.
  • Lastly, the staff of the Turkish air carrier will contact you regarding your lost or delayed luggage.

Methods for Obtaining Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation 

Turkish Airlines has a variety of options when you wish to obtain reimbursement for the flight delay. Upon the convenience of the flyers, they can either choose the calling method, visit the airport, or simply by logging to its website to initiate a reimbursement. 

To know more about how to claim for Turkish Airlines delayed flight in detail, read the following information.

Method 1: Turkish Flight Delay Online Compensation

  • Simply log in to your account on www.turkishairlines.com
  • Click on the “Manage Reservation” option.
  • Find the delay compensation form on that tab and press on it. 
  • Fill in the necessary details as asked by the operator such as flight number, booking reference number, flight date and time, passenger information, etc.
  • Upload all the documents as required by the carrier.
  • Wait for the confirmation of the online Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation from the carrier.
  • The confirmation about the same will be sent to the registered email address of the passenger.
  • The amount of the compensation will be credited to the source of payment as done by the passenger while booking a flight.

Method 2: Contacting Turkish Airlines for Getting a Flight Delay Refund 

Sometimes, various travelers do not find the online option of reaching the carrier feasible. In this case, they can also choose to contact the airline. The calling number of Turkish Airlines. By dialing the contact number, you will be connected to one of the air representatives of the air provider.

Tell them about your flight delay, when it happened, and ask them for a suitable solution. In case, they do not provide you with Turkish Airlines delay compensation, ask them for booking you an alternative flight. Wait for the air representatives to respond to you. Once the flight delay is confirmed from their side, you will be offered the best suitable option for your loss incurred.

What Amount Can You Receive as Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation?

When you are not rebooked to another flight in Turkish, you can be eligible to receive compensation in the form of cash or an amount. This amount will be credited to the original form of payment that you used during booking your reservation.

As per the distance traveled along your chosen route, you will get the compensation amount specified in the EC 261 legislation. 

The compensation amount you may receive under the Turkish Airlines flight delay policy are as follows:

  • If your trip is up to 1,500 kilometers in distance, this flight provides you with a reimbursement of £221.00 per person.
  • A reimbursement of £354.00 per passenger can be received for travel between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers.
  • You will obtain £532.00 per person for distances over 3,500 kilometers.

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

Turkish Airlines has created a refund policy for the flyers when they suffer a delay in their flight. When the airline announces a flight delay, the passengers can cancel their tickets. In doing so, they can also obtain a Turkish Airlines refund delay. Go through the following points below to know more about this policy.

  • If your flight is canceled due to inclement weather, Turkish Airlines will give you a refund and another flight to connect you to your location. 
  • As per Turkish Airlines’ reimbursement policy, when your flight is canceled and there isn’t a subsequent flight after the next morning, the carrier will also arrange for lodging and a different flight to your itinerary. 
  • The airline will give you a full refund for your booking tickets when you need to reschedule your trip within 24 hours of buying your reservations.
  • Whether you decide to change your flight within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket, the airline will not give you a full refund; rather, you must pay a penalty called a cancellation charge. 
  • Your Turkish Airlines refund request will be processed in approximately 5-7 business days, and the money will be paid to your linked bank account in the original form of the transaction.

Ways to Obtain a Refund for Turkish Flight Delays

When you have revoked your flight due to a delay, you can obtain a refund either by an online method or by calling the operator. You may also visit the airport personnel to get the information about your flight delay refund. Choosing any method can give you a reimbursement for your Turkish delayed flight.

Look at the following information to know how to obtain a refund for Turkish flight delays.

  • First of all, open the official site of the carrier.
  • Log in to your account from your internet browser.
  • Next, you need to hit the “Manage Booking” feature.
  • Here, you would have to put your reference number. This will help you to find your revoked flight due to the delay.
  • Once you find your revoked Turkish booking, click on that reservation.
  • Scroll down to the page and find a “Refund” button.
  • Do the required steps as shown on the screen for your Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation.

In a Nutshell,

Turkish Airlines flight delays are not so common among its passengers. However, when flight delays occur, this carrier makes sure it compensates its flyers in the best possible way. This way they can make up for their loss of the delayed flight. Also, if delays occur, rebooking another flight can be a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any compensation for delayed baggage Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines provides reimbursement or compensation when the flyers suffer a delay in their baggage. Generally, baggage can be lost, damaged, or delayed at the airport. This airline makes sure that the visitors get their bags under 72 hours as per the Turkish Airlines delayed baggage compensation policy. However, you do not have to wait for your delayed luggage at the check-in counter. You can visit the site of the carrier and keep a track of your luggage in case it has been missing

How much is the Turkish Airlines delayed baggage compensation amount?

Turkish Airlines tries its best to find the delayed or lost bags and return them to their passengers as early as possible. When the airline is unable to do so, it provides the flyers with Turkish Airlines delayed baggage claim amount. This amount may be anywhere between 75-100 USD. To know the exact amount of compensation, visit the official site of the Turkish air provider.

How do you make a Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation claim?

You can make a Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation claim either by online or offline methods. For the former, you need to go to the main site of the Turkish air provider. After logging in, you will be loaded with a form for reimbursement. In case your flight is postponed, you can fill it up with some basic details of your flight. Once you complete all the necessary details correctly, just send your complaint to the airline and wait for its response.

How to report a complaint for Turkish Airlines delayed baggage reimbursement?

To report a complaint about your delayed baggage reimbursement in Turkish, firstly inform the airline about it. You can reach the carrier by phone, email, or by visiting its site. Or else, just go to the nearest help desk to raise your complaint. Regarding your lost or delayed luggage, you must give the airline employees all the necessary information.

What amount can you receive as Turkish Airlines claim delayed flight?

The amount received as compensation for your delayed flight mostly depends on the number of kilometers the aircraft has traveled. Shown below are the amounts for Turkish Airlines delay compensation:

For 1500 kilometers: £221.00 per passenger
Between 1500-3500 kilometers: £532.00 per person
Over 3500 kilometers: £532.00 per traveler

What happens if you had to face a Turkish Airlines delay missed connection?

When you have to face or suffer a missed flight due to a delay in Turkish, you need to tell the airline about the same. In this case, the operator would be held responsible for your missed connection flight. There are two ways by which the airline can help you. First one, it can provide you with a Turkish Airlines delay missed connection compensation. This compensation can be in the form of money or they can book you another possible flight.

When are you eligible for a Turkish Airlines refund delay compensation?

To be eligible for a refund delay compensation, you should first head to the airport at least an hour before the departure. If you reach 3 hours later than the expected time at your final destination, you can file for your Turkish Airlines delayed flight claim. You can also receive a refund when you booked a different flight and reached a late than the original departure time. In case, the operator informs you of the delayed flight 14 days before departure, you can ask for a reimbursement.

What to do when you missed connecting flight due to delay Turkish Airlines?

In case you missed your booked flight in Turkish due to an unexpected delay, the carrier may book you on another aircraft. You just need to book yourself another flight when the airline is unable to do so. Or, you can also ask for compensation or a refund from the airline in case you had to go through Turkish Airlines flight delay missed connection.

Is there any offline method for Turkish Airline delayed flight compensation?

Yes, when the flyers are not comfortable using the online feature to get compensation, they can use the offline method. There are mainly two methods for getting your reimbursement. The first one is to contact the operator. To connect with the agent on Turkish Airlines, simply dial the helpline number from the “Contact Us” page of the carrier. Another option is to simply go to the help desk of the airport and meet the air representative over there. He or she will help you to claim your delayed flight reimbursement.

How can you apply for Turkish Airlines delayed flight refund?

To apply for Turkish Airlines delayed flight refund, log in to your account on its main website. Press the manage booking tab on the page and put your booking reference number. While scrolling down, you would see the “Refund” button. Tap on it and perform all the necessary steps as shown on the display screen.

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Jaime J. Hayhurst
Jaime J. Hayhurst
1 year ago

My flight was delayed for more than 3 hours and no prior notice for the same was given. It was due to bad weather and even here it has been raining cats and dogs for quite a while. I had to get myself a hotel room out of my budget will I get it compensated if I put a turkish airlines flight delay compensation claim on their website?

Briella Ruiz
Briella Ruiz
1 year ago

My wife’s Turkish Airlines delayed flight claim was successfully paid. At first we were struggling with claiming but after going through the process given we ended up claiming our compensation on time. Her flight was delayed due to overboarding on the plane thankfully she was able to travel the same day with only a few hours gap.