Turkish Airlines Check-In Policy

Turkish airline exhaustive, dedicated hospitality, multi-platform support, well-established passenger rights, and easy-to-understand policies make it among the top choices for passengers.

Turkish Airlines check in policy caters to the passengers’ multiple requirements like timely checks, availability of boarding zones, different check in facilities like meals and bag selection, etc.

Take a look at the Turkish airline check in policy and its subsequent terms and conditions.

What are the guidelines for Turkish Airlines flight check in?

Turkish Airlines offers a plethora of services, facilities, and booking reservation choices to travelers. Keep the following recommendations and Turkish airlines check in rules in mind for a convenient travel experience –

turkish airlines airport check in
  • Online and offline check in methods are primarily available for Turkish Airlines and its partner airlines.
  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to re-allot Turkish Airlines seats on the aircraft in the instances of unavailability and late request.
  • Keep note that early check in allows enough time to complete security screening measures and reach the boarding gate area timely.
  • Check in timings are available up to 3 hours before the estimated flight departure.
  • To complete check in, the booking reservation must be conducted via online and offline means.
  • The carrier may require bank permission to process online transactions.
  • Electronic or digital mode of the ticket is mandatory for online and mobile check in.
  • Check in is mandatory for all fare types, cabin classes, etc.
  • Any Turkish Airlines flight changes or special requests with the airline are not permissible to post check in. 

What are Turkish Airlines check in methods and the check in timings?

Take a look at the popular check in methods offered by Turkish Airlines and their check in timings –

What is Online check in and Turkish airlines check in online time?

Web check in for Turkish airlines simplifies the check in experience via the online process with the official website. Additionally –

  • Turkish Online check in allows passengers to complete check in online and avoid airport queues.
  • You can head to the bag drop counter directly in cases of traveling with luggage.
  • Turkish Airlines check-in time online – The online check in window is open between 24 hours and 90 minutes before the anticipated flight time. Also –
    • Recommended check in time for Domestic flights – 2 hours before flight
    • Recommended Turkish Airlines check-in time for international flights – 3 hours before flight
Which passengers cannot request Turkish Airlines online check in?

The Following passengers can not request online check in and must head to the Turkish Airlines ticket check at the airport counter for check in and other assistance –

  • Passengers with pets
  • Minors traveling alone
  • Travelers requiring a wheelchair or other disability assistance
  • Group travel with more than 10 passengers
  • Those who require assistance with escorts and flight attendants and are accompanied by them

What is Mobile check in and its check in time?

Check in Turkish airlines app, similar to online check in, enables passengers to complete check in formalities and initiate special requests online via the app. Also –

  • Turkish Airlines app check in time – The check in time begins 24 hours before and lasts up to 90 minutes before the flight departure time.
  • The mobile boarding pass is applicable in the majority of the airports.

Are there any specific requirements or restrictions when using a mobile boarding pass with Turkish Airlines?

Mobile boarding pass or digital boarding pass is an Electronic document used as a check in verification by the airline. Additionally – 

  • It simplifies the boarding process at the airport by facilitating boarding via mobile devices. 
  • Digital boarding passes are in QR formats. 
  • It is accessible via mobile browser, Turkish airline mobile application, and email link. 
  • QR code also facilitates quick boarding, security screening, and conduct transactions at the airport. 
  • Airports allowing Digital Boarding Pass – It is necessary to note the airports that support Digital boarding passes at the airport. Some of them are mentioned below – 
Aalborg – Aalborg AirportFrankfurt – Frankfurt Airport
Abidjan – Felix Houphouet Boigny International AirportGeneva – Geneva Cointrin Airport
Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi International AirportGraz – Graz Airport
Abuja – Nnamdi Azikiwe AirportHong Kong – Hong Kong International Airport
Accra – Kotoka International AirportIzmir – Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport
Bahrain – Bahrain International AirportJohannesburg – Johannesburg Airport
Belgrade – Belgrade Nikola Tesla AirportKhartoum – Khartoum Airport
Brussels – Brussels National AirportLagos – Murtala Muhammed International Airport
Cape Town – Cape Town International AirportNice – Cote D’azur International Airport
Djibouti – Djibouti-Ambouli International AirportMuğla-Bodrum – Milas-Bodrum Airport
Doha – Doha Hamad International AirportMoscow – Vnukovo International Airport
Lusaka – Kenneth Kaunda International HavaalaniOslo – Oslo-Gardermoen Airport
Pisa – Pisa Galileo Galilei AirportSan Francisco – San Francisco International Airport
Tokyo – Narita International AirportStockholm – Stockholm Arlanda Airport

NOTE – Head to this link for more airports and the mode of check in methods allowed there.

What is Turkish airline Kiosk check in and check in timings?

Turkish Airlines kiosk check in are available at various airports and offer an automated process to complete the check in formalities. Consider the following things in mind –

  • Passengers without bags can head to the boarding gate area directly after kiosk check in.
  • Kiosk check in is available on domestic flights, all domestic connecting flights, and inbound and outbound flights with the same return date and no luggage.
  • Travelers can check in up to 8 passengers via the kiosk check in portal at a time.
  • Kiosk Turkish air check in time – Kiosk check in starts 12 hours before the flight departure time. The closing time for the check in given below –
    • Kiosk check in deadline for Domestic flights – 45 minutes before the flight
    • Kiosk Turkish Airlines check in time international – 60 minutes before the flight

What are Turkish Airlines Airport check in and check in timings?

Turkish Airlines airport check in is available at every airport and is ideal in the instances of passengers carrying bags. Additionally –

  • Submit the relevant documents at the airport and receive the Turkish airlines print boarding pass feature instantly.
  • Some airports may accept only those boarding passes printed at the kiosk or offered by airport counter personnel.
    • In such instances, contact the respective airport beforehand.
  • Airport check in is preferable if self-service kiosks are not available, passengers need assistance, and/ or traveling alone.
  • Airport check in time: The general airport Turkish Airline check in time is as follows –
    • For domestic flights – 45 minutes before flight departure
    • Turkish airlines international flight check in – 60 minutes before flight departure
  • The airport check in timings may differ in some airports like it is 120 minutes before for flights departing from Lagos, Abuja, and Caracas.

How to request Turkish airline check in?

Passengers can request check in via online and offline methods over the website, mobile application, kiosk counters, and airport check in. Turkish Airlines Manage booking further allows passengers to check flight status, request modifications, etc.

The popular methods for Turkish Airlines checkin are available below –

How to request an Online check in with Turkish Airlines?

To conduct Turkish airlines web check in online, follow the steps given below –

turkish airlines web check in online option
This screenshot is from Turkish Airlines website and is authentic.
  • Enter the six-character PNR (Reservation code), or the ticket number with the passenger’s surname.
  • Verify the details and click on the “Arrow” to finalize the search.
web check in for turkish airlines
The source of this screenshot is the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • The airline will direct you to the new page. Choose the desirable flights and provide the necessary personal details for every individual check in.
  • Additionally, Pick desirable places to sit on the aircraft, select desirable meals, and reserve space for bags under Turkish Airlines baggage guidelines.
  • Once satisfied with the flight and check in details, finalize them by clicking on the “Submit button”.
  • The airline initiates check in request processing and devices Turkish airlines online boarding pass for all the passengers in the profile or via email.

How to use the Turkish Airlines app to Check in?

Turkish airlines check in mobile app is possible with the easy-to-understand Turkish mobile app on Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets. It saves time and promotes personalized selection of aircraft services.

Turkish airlines check in mobile app
Via the Turkish Airlines website, this screenshot has been referenced.

Follow the steps as follows –

  • On the app, sign in with your Turkish airline email and password, or head to the check in tab and enter booking reservation details.
  • Provide the reservation code or the PNR number with the traveler’s last name.
  • Select the flights or the segments, and enter the personal details for each of the passengers on the booking with updated travel documents.
  • Additionally, select special services like Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor travel, sitting preference, meals, etc.
  • Once the details are verified, submit the details.
  • The check in completion details are shared post-completion and the boarding pass link is activated.
  • The passengers can use the Turkish Airlines mobile boarding pass or print them at home, airport, or office by scanning the QR code on the digital pass.

How do you complete the Check in at the Turkish Airlines Airport Counter?

It is recommended to reach the airport ticket counter window at least three hours before the estimated flight departure time.

turkish airlines check in at airport

Follow the steps as follows to complete check in offline –

  • Head to the nearest airport ticket counter and request “Check in”.
  • Provide relevant passenger details like name, DOP, and residence, and supplement the information with updated travel documents.
  • The main travel documents include a passport, VISA, and Identity like a Marriage certificate, Driver’s license, or other valid identification details.
  • You may also provide passengers’ health reports/ status for selected airports for those requiring medical attention and interference.
  • You can request services like Turkish Airline pet policy, seats, check in luggage, and choose meals.
  • Pay the additional fee, applicable for special requests and additional services opted by travelers.
  • The check in is completed and the counter personnel allows the boarding pass to the passengers.
  • Take the physical boarding pass and head to the boarding gate area for departure.

How to complete Turkish airline kiosk check in?

Kiosk check in provides a personalized check in experience to the passengers without the need for airport counter personnel. Follow the steps as follows –

  • Head to the nearest kiosk ticket counter and provide the necessary details like the reservation code or the E-ticket number and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Enter personal details, and request special services or facilities on the aircraft.
  • Kiosk check in also permits the flyers to access their flight details and ID information via bank card like a Debit or a credit card, and Miles&Smiles membership details.
  • Once verified, submit the details.
  • The kiosk check in process is complete and the travelers are allotted physical boarding passes.

How to connect with Turkish Airlines over Social media for concerns?

Turkish Airlines’ accessibility over social media portals streamlines the process to share feedback, queries, or doubts regarding policies like Turkish Airlines flight change and check in boarding, etc. You may receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Look at the popular social media portals handled by Turkish airlines-

Social media platformsProfile Link/URL

NOTE – You can connect with Turkish Airlines over the blog, TikTok, and YouTube for tips, tutorials.

Turkish airline check in policy makes the check in process seamline, tireless, and quick. Referring to the aforementioned details further reduces the stress associated with its guidelines, time, and deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check in at the airport with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, passengers can request airport check in with Turkish Airlines by provisioning ID proof and travel documents.

Do I need to print a boarding pass Turkish Airlines?

No, the majority of Turkish Airlines airports support digital boarding passes to head to the boarding gate area.

Can I check in online for Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can check in online via the Turkish Airlines website portal or the mobile app or connect via the Turkish Airlines check in phone number.

When can I check in for my flight Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can complete Turkish Airlines online check in 24 hours and up to 45 minutes depending on the type of flight and the chosen check in methods.

How long before you can check in with Turkish Airlines at the airport?

You can complete the check in 45 minutes before domestic flights and 60 minutes before for Turkish Airlines online check in international.

How to check in online Turkish Airlines?

Head to the official website, enter the ticket reservation code or PNR number and the surname, and complete on-screen instructions to complete check in.

How do I get my boarding pass for Turkish Airlines?

You will receive the boarding pass once you complete online within the Turkish airlines online check in time and offline check in with Turkish Airlines.

How do I print my boarding pass for Turkish Airlines?

Complete online check in via the website or mobile app, then the boarding pass link is shared on the profile or the registered email.

What time do Turkish Airlines check in open for online check in?

The Turkish Airline online check in window opens 24 hours before the flight departure time.

Why can’t I check in Turkish Airlines online?

Passengers with pets, minors traveling alone, and those with special assistance must head to the airport for check in.

Do I need to check in online with Turkish Airlines?

Online check in is not compulsory. However, it is an ideal method to avoid standing up in long airport queues and complete timely check in.

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